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Central Region IDeA Conference

May 23, 2013 - Three ND INBRE faculty members were invited speakers at the 2013 Central Region IDeA Conference, hosted by the University of Kansas INBRE program, Kansas City, MO, May 20-22.

  • Pat Conway, PhD, Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology, and Senior Research Scientist, Essentia Institute of Rural Health. Title: “Factors that Influence Career Choices of Students from Rural and Tribal Communities”

  • Van A. Doze, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology,
          Physiology, and Therapeutics. Title: “Harvesting the Bountiful Fields of the
          Northern Great Plains: Leveraging Resources to Build a Summer
          Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program”

  • Jacque Gray, PhD, Research Associate Professor in the Center for Rural Health and the Department of Pathology.
          Title: “Three Sisters Garden: Growing a Native American Center of Excellence.”

Dr. Jacque Gray’s presentation chronicled the development of a Native Health Research Team from a cohort of American Indian students, staff and faculty interested in research to concept for a Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health. Dr. Van Doze recounted the growth of the 10-week summer research program at UNDSMHS, starting with just 3 students in 2005, to 40+ students currently. Leveraging of resources from the ND INBRE program, NSF and the UNDSMHS Dean’s Office has greatly contributed to this evolution. Dr. Pat Conway, ND INBRE Program Evaluator, is following the outcomes of students who have participated in ND INBRE utilizing longitudinal data collection and several data collection methods. This study utilized focus groups with students who participated in a summer research experience at UNDSMHS or a lab experience at a PUI, along with pre- and post-surveys, to assess factors influencing career choices.
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