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Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2020

Funded by the American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) and the University of North Dakota (UND), this new program is a 10-week summer undergraduate research fellowship (SURF) experience in neuropharmacology with mentorship from faculty at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Grand Forks, ND.  Specific research areas include neurochemistry, neurotransmission, neural receptor pharmacology, neurotransporters, epigenomic modification, neuroimmunology, mechanisms and treatment of nervous system disorders, drug addiction, drugs of abuse, pharmacology of drugs acting on the central nervous system, and behavioral pharmacology. 

Participants will receive a $5,750 salary/stipend and travel expenses to UND (up to $750 for one round trip).  Room and board is covered (up to $2,750).  Financial support is also available for child care. The program will begin Tuesday, May 26, 2020 and end Friday, July, 31, 2020.  Students who have already received their bachelor's degrees prior to the start of this program are not eligible.  Application review will begin March 1.  Please submit applications and letters as soon as possible.  Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2020.

ASPET SURF participants will work in a research laboratory alongside faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.  In addition to basic lab procedures, participants will have the opportunity to learn a variety of lab techniques in the fields of cell biology, developmental biology, epigenetics, immunology, molecular biology, neurobiology, and psychology with an emphasis in neuropharmacology.  Students will also participate in weekly training seminars and workshops about science writing and presentations, responsible conduct of research, ethics and harassment, as well as the graduate school application process.  The program ends with an undergraduate research poster session.

Selection criteria include academic performance, as well as educational and career goals.  Students with a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the sciences and from groups underrepresented in the sciences such as those from rural and tribal colleges with limited research opportunities are especially encouraged to apply.  At least five undergraduate students will be selected to participate in the UND ASPET SURF 2020 program.  For more information, contact Dr. Van A. Doze.