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Summer 2010 Undergraduate Research 

University of North Dakota , Grand Forks

March 9, 2010 - Jessica Meier, Paul Jilek and Jennifer Murray, undergraduates in Dr. Lynn Burgess' lab, won competitive travel awards to accompany Dr. Burgess to the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. They will attend a special program March 6-8, 2010. This award recognizes promising undergraduate science majors and informs them about the discipline of toxicology, opportunities in toxicology, and the preparation necessary for a research career. Other benefits of the program include participation in a scientific meeting and interaction with SOT member mentors and peers.

It is noteworthy that all of Dr. Burgess' undergraduates received this award, a fact acknowledged by SOT headquarters. Following are the students' statements about their interest in research and attending the SOT meeting.

University of North Dakota , Grand Forks

Proteomics Core: Proteomics is a state-of-the-art method of studying many proteins at once to determine their relationship to health and disease.
        Director - John Shabb, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular
        Biology, UND

Bioinformatics Core
        Director - Kurt Zhang, Assistant Professor of Pathology, UND

North Dakota State University, Fargo

Metal Analysis Core
        Directors - Marinus Otte, Professor of Biological Sciences, NDSU
        Donna Jacob, Research Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, NDSU

Dickinson State University

Research Project: Bladder Cancer
        Investigator - Lynn Burgess, Associate Professor of Biology, DSU

Mayville State University

Research Project: Novel fluorescence methods for biomedical applications
        Investigator - Thomas Gonnella, Professor of Chemistry, Mayville State

Minot State University

Research Project: Functional genomics of endocrine disruption
        Investigator - Chris Beachy, Professor of Biology, Minot State

Research Project: Discovery and development of new anti-fungal drugs and metal binding environmental remediation agents
        Investigator - Mikhail Bobylev, Associate Professor, Minot State

Research Project: Molecular Biology Core
        Investigator - Heidi Super, associate professor of biology, Minot State

Research Project: Genetic control of leaf expansion in Arabidopsis
        Investigator - Christoper Keller, Professor of Biology, Minot State

Turtle Mountain Community College, Belcourt

Research Project: Genetic polymorphisms and preeclampsia
        Investigator - Dr. Lyle Best, staff physician at Johnson Clinic, Rugby,
        principal investigator of the Strong Heart Study and biology
        instructor at TMCC,  (701) 246-3884

Valley City State

Research Project:
        Investigator - Jerzy Bilski, Associate Professor, VCSU

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